A Devotional from Jesus Calling


Do not expect to be treated fairly in this life. People will say and do hurtful things to you, things that you don’t deserve. When someone mistreats you, try to view it as an opportunity to grow in grace. See how quickly you can forgive the one who has wounded you. Don’t be concerned about setting the record straight. Instead of obsessing about other people’s opinions of you, keep your focus on me. Ultimately, it is my view that counts.
As you concentrate on relating to me, remember that I have clothed you in my righteousness and holiness. I see you attired in these radiant garments, which I bought for you with my blood. This is also not fair; it is a pure gift. When others treat you unfairly, remember that my ways with you are much better than fair. My ways are peace and love, which I have poured out into your heart by my spirit.

Colossians 3:13
Isaiah 61:10
Ephesians 1:7-8
Romans 5:5

My Tears Collection

My Tears Collection

God places great value on our true tears. “Thou tellest my wanderings: put Thou my tears into Thy bottle: are they not in Thy book” (Psalm 56:8)? He reminds us in Psalm 30:5, “….weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” He promises all who are His that, “…. God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes….” (From Revelation 21:4).

From the Heart of Deep Pain

From the Heart of Deep Pain


Please don’t waste your time playing guessing games – for they are a waste of time. The important thing is what’s contained in our hearts and shows outward.

If I poured my heart out, who would really listen? In my eyes, Only God does – thank you very much – so therefore I have learned to reserve my heart’s cry to him. People will always let us down. I have scars he sees because they are still there, like the nail scars in his hands and feet. We – All of us, did have our part putting him there. He remained because of his undying love on that cross. Trusting in him is what we learn the hard way to do! I cannot heal not one single wound in another’s aching heart, nor can someone on this earth heal my heart. Jesus does the healing, we can only offer a kind word, or deed and leave the rest up to God. If we the people cared so little for Jesus at one point in our lives. What makes us think that other people can truly care for us in the genuine sense of the word – without expecting anything in return? Let Go, and Let God is what I have learned to do. You may not have reached this point in your life still yet, and I know your age and you know mine. My journey hasn’t been yours and Yours – Has not been mine either. So stop trying to judge and pretend your somehow better than another because you were present at some type of event and even though I was not, DOES NOT MEAN YOU NOR I ARE BETTER THAN THE OTHER. Some are weak in one area of life, while another is strong. I did what God had laid upon MY HEART, I am not the owner of yours. Let your talents be your TALENTS and I can enjoy my own. I share what I am able to give, and you share what you are able to give. God did not give each of us the exact same things – we have differences that very much make us unique…LEARN TO CHERISH THAT – Embrace what is in your presence, while I embrace what God has given to me. Live and let live,,,,it’s much more peaceful in this way. Can you understand that?

Praying you find peace and happiness someday, even if it obviously doesn’t include me and my little family, that God gave to me. I have found happiness right here with God and my family…I have invited you many times to be a part of it, just like he has, and you always reject that – and it’s what you need most…I hope you see someday!

Love, Me…for me…CAN YOU POSSIBLY DO THAT? Jesus does!!!
Until you can answer yes, truly, honestly yes….Let’s love from a distance like we have been doing for many years now…It’s less hurtful this way, until you find the way to the foot of the Cross! I am praying always for your Salvation…and to me and Jesus, that is what is MOST IMPORTANT!