My thoughts and prayer today

My thoughts and prayer today

Making the scriptures personal applying them to me.

John 15:5
Lord, you are The Vine; I am one of your branches.
I know you abide in me and I desire to be truly close to you Lord.
Abiding and trusting in your love for me.
Knowing this concept and believing it brings much fruit in my life.
I know that I can do NOTHING without you!
My need for your divine presence in my life is greater than ever before.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Therefore, I am trusting in you Lord with all of my heart.
I will not lean to my own understanding!
Rather in all my ways, I will acknowledge you!!!
And you shall direct my path.
Thank you Lord for loving me and giving me your love and direction;
That I may live my life more abundantly, because I am in your favor.

Thanks for loving me first and teaching me how to love you right back.
Being willing to share your love with others, then you give it right back to me.

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